Jungle Gym Lodge

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Jungle Gym Lodge
Jungle Gym Lodge Jungle Gym Lodge

Jungle Gym Lodge

The Jungle Lodge a exciting climbing frame with plenty of activities from  1 step module,3m wave slide, ladder, staroscope and steering wheel

Product Specifications
Users – 8
Number of platforms; 1
Slide length; 3m
Platform 1 height; 145cm
Platform size; 140 x 120 cm
Lodge size Inc slide l x w x h – 402 x 164 x 291 cm
Required area l x w x h – 762 x 484 x 291 cm

Jungle Lodge includes
3m slide
1 step ladder
Ground anchors 
Hardware kit
Logo ID
Steering wheel

Timber Information
The timber supplied for the use of the jungle gyms is North European, Scandinavian Russian ‘sawfalling’ whitewood
All timber is FSC certificated that is sourced from renewable and forest friendly sources. All components are pressure treated with “Tanalith E “which is a copper based biocide treatment that does not contain any chrome or arsenic additives. This treatment is guaranteed for 10 years against mould and insect attack.
Please Note
• Timber is a natural product and no 2 pieces are alike
• At certain times of the year and depending on the atmosphere, humidity there can appear minor splits and cracks, this is normal and will not compromise the integrity of the product
• On some occasions green specks can appear on the timber, this is not mould or fungus, it is copper preservative reacting to the atmosphere, this is perfectly safe for children and pets.  

 Jungle gym warranty 2 years

        Jungle gym warnings
• Only for domestic use
• Only for outdoor use
• Suitable for children aged 3 to 10
Jungle gym is Europe’s leading designer of safe residential playground systems , tested and monitored for quality and safety ( according to EN:71 – 1,2,3, 8 & 9 for private use)

Only £769.00 £679.00

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